Mass Care Jan-Feb 2011

Mass Care Newsletter – Jan 2011

Michelle Percello – Mass Care Lead and Parade Committee Lead


I sincerely hope all of our volunteers had a very cheerful holiday season and Happy New Year! As the seasons change, we now are looking to the season of parades! Yes it’s that time of year again and the 73rd Annual Edison Festival of Light Junior Daytime Parade is Feb 13th and the lighted Grand Night Parade is Feb 19th – that’s less than 50 days away and the float committee is looking for your help!

We are now working several days a week until the floats are completed. Please let me know if you would like to be a part of this enjoyable piece of the chapter. You get to know your fellow volunteers so that when we have a disaster, and we will, you already know each other. It’s a great benefit for everyone, including our clients so thank you in advance for helping us be a visible outreach and responder in our community.

We need volunteers who can drill, paint, attach lights, have creative minds and just to pitch in and lend a hand. There is sitting work and heavy work. You can give one hour to many hours, it’s up to you. Just let me know and I will put you on the email list to receive notifications about the work schedules.

Visit for immediate information about the Edison Parade and look for lots to come at the volunteer meetings and in next month’s newsletter!

We would like ALL children and grandchildren of our Red Cross Volunteers to participate in the Junior Parade and ALL VOLUNTEERS to participate in the Grand Parade. It’s a long day and a 2 mile parade so we will accommodate our volunteers of course and have rides available for you to participate in the parade so you can wave out the windows! We will have a shuttle service to and from the grand parade so you will have no parking issues and only have fun – fun – fun!

In addition, as a chapter fundraiser we will be setting up folding chairs at the camera and judging areas and will need volunteers to set them up, stay and take them down. See me if you are interested in doing this. The best seats to watch the parade! More info. to come.

*LIGHTS*LIGHTS*AND MORE LIGHTS*…. If you would like to donate any new (on clearance now) holiday lights or your working gently used lights, we could sure use more! All white, all red or white & red together, icicle lights, mini lights, C7 or C9 screw in bulbs, LEDs, rope lighting, we will use what we can get! Please drop them off to the reception desk if you would like to donate and THANK YOU!

This is parade season and we will follow up with other parades throughout the county and will need representation at all of them.

Mass Care

We had an easy hurricane season and as we are in the midst of a very dry winter, let’s keep in mind that we could be on alert for wildfires and brushfires. If you would like to be on a team that responds to these, please see Alan and schedule your class so you can become certified.

We are still in need of someone to fill the positions of Feeding Activity Lead and Assistant, Safe and Well Linking Assistant Lead and Shelter Assistant Lead. If you think you may be interested in any of these positions, please let me know and we can talk about what the responsibilities would be.

Happy New Year and Thank You!





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