Getting to Know Shari Stott

Shari Stott is an American Red Cross volunteer and works part-time with AmeriCorps. With the American Red Cross, Shari works with in Staffing and, when needed, in the shelters. Also, Shari does the newsletter for the American Red Cross Lee County Chapter.

  • How did you get started with the Red Cross?

 My close friend Ferol Page decided she was going to be a volunteer so I went with her to orientation. I’ve been a volunteer for the past 6 years and recently joined the AmeriCorps family in January 2010. This is my first one-year tour.

  • What is your favorite Red Cross moment?

My first time volunteering at a Red Cross shelter, I noticed an elderly women pushing her elderly sister in a wheelchair toward to the feeding area. I realized that the elderly women would not be able to take both trays to the table, so I carried the trays for them.  It was a moment they really appreciated.

Why should people volunteer with the Red Cross?

” If everyone would do a little part by helping others, it would make life easier for all of us.”


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