Service To the Armed Forces Update

The Month of April is already gone hello May. In the Month of April the Service to the Armed Forces volunteers and staff passed 34 Emergency communication messages to Service Members throughout  the World. We continued to help Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans with financial support through  the Florida Braive Grant. We Continue to work with local National Guard and Reserve Units, recruiters and families of service members to provide information and help. Held our monthly Veteran Family Support Group at Perkins family restaurant had 25 veterans and family members at the event. We are working with local Veteran organization and the Lee County Military Affairs Council to help supply our returning veterans, active duty personnel and their families with the resources, contacts, and means to adjust and succeed in civilian life. A big thank you for all our great Volunteers  who provide excellent emergency communication and financial support to the military and their families 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are always looking for new volunteers so give us a call 239-278-3401.


One response to Service To the Armed Forces Update

  1. Michelle

    Way to go Lee County Service to the Armed Forces! We thank you!


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